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The Story So Far.

To summerize what's been happening to date:
A group of established adventurers was comissioned to find a sword which contained the soul of an evil demi-god known as Bane Havel, so that it could be distroyed. After much work and effort, they recovered the powerful artifact from it's resting place, only to discover that the person who comissioned them was in fact in league with Bane, and through them his soul was returned to the world. The council of gods, who were none to pleased with this turn of events, enlisted half of the group to fight Bane's followers on the Material Plane, while two of the remaining group, Laidan and Ayeil, were given the difficult task of finding Bane's lair on the Infinite Abyss. The final member was sent to ferret out one of Bane's spies hiding on the plane of Bytopia.

In order that Laidan and Ayeil might have some slim chance of success, the were entrusted in the care of an ancient archwizard known as Verdigris, who's job was to train them and coordinate their search. He was to do this from his library, which sits in a 'pocket universe' Verdigris created as protection from his enemies. Working with Verdigris' assistant Varyar, the adventureres where put through an intensive two week 'boot camp' in which they learned much about the Abyss and it's inhabitants.

Finally, from a portal room deep beneath his library, Verdigris teleported the pair, along with Varyar, to the Abyss. After a brief detour, they found themselves in a dank unlit cave. Using a magic source of light, which Laidan purchased lawfully in a town somewhere, the cave is revealed as being part of a larger cavern. Scouting ahead, Laidan discovers a cramped tunnel leading to the outside, and has just returned to thr group with that information, and the recommendation that Ayeil look for traps, and then investigate the tunnel further.
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