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Transition to action

Verdigris fills your time with discussions and readings on the minds of demons, devils, and other creatures you'd never before heard of. Much of the days are spent immersed in learning the language of the abyss which fundamentally unpleasant sounding tongue. Even the unnamed mechanical creature is expected to read and participate in the discussions Verdigris frequently arranges, much to everyone's irritation. Verdigris, in spite of his clipped manor, reveals an underlying kindness underscored by an oddly silly sense of humor. To interupt the monotony of the highly focused classes, the old wizard encourages you to keep physically active through a number of strange, game-like activities. Ranging from climbing the walls of the library as slowly as you can (the nimblewright losses patience and drops out, leaving Laiden the winner by a few minutes,) to blindfolded archery contests (Ayiel is an often winner,) to simple mock combat in a variety of settings, these excercises usually come at the end of the day, just before a soak in the cozy wooden gnomish baths and a filling meal. Time seems to loose much of its normal flow in such strange conditions, but a full week passes of this activity.

How do you react to these strange activities? How do you feel about the hard work?
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