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Welcome to Verdigris' Library.

Well, well, well, Laidan and Ayeil... Whatever you were expecting from the Abyss, this is not it. A beautiful blue sky with rolling white clouds fills your vision, as you awaken laying on a grass lawn in the shade of a small elm tree. A large white marble building with a golden dome shines above you from the top of a nearby hill. Surrounding all is stone wall of about 10 feet tall. It's about fourty feet from you, and leaves plenty of spacious lawn to complete the peaceful atmosphere. There is a flamboyently dressed gentleman standing ten feet from you. He's tapping his foot rapidly, and he looks as if he might be waiting for you to rise.
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Well, well, well...Is he armed? Human-ish I assume? Unless he is armed with something fairly imposing since he is not acting threatening I believe I will stand up, bow, and introduce myself. Please note my diplomacy skill (+6). Then, unless he goes into a tirade or something, I will ask where we are.
He carries no obvious arms. He has the frame of a human, or possibly an elf, but it's difficult to tell, as his face is covered by a garishly bright scarf. His absurdly wide-brimmed hat further obscures his features, and the rest of his outfit is so profoundly mis-matched, that looking at him at all is more a chore then a pleasure. With cautious grace Laidan introduces himself. The man looks startled for a moment, then races into a response with blinding speed, as well as the uncomfortable verbosity of someone who's desperate to seem smarter then he actually is...
"Ah, yes, Laidan? What a peculiar name... Is it per chance Aquan? They tell me I'm of Aquan descent, although I have no way of knowing if it's true or not. Still, I tend to trust them, since I don't have enough evidence to form a reliable theory as to the matter yet my own personal self... What was the question again? Oh yes, where are you? I suppose the mundanely clear-cut answer that ould most satisfy one's self would be for me to say that you are most fortunate to be standing in the artificially illuminated shadow of his most esteemed master of the pussiant art Verdigris the Red's personal domicile and library, which as for as I know, has no name. The building I mean, He has a name of course. I don't have a name myself, you know. When I was born, my creator most tragically died as an unforseen consiquence of an unpaid debt before he had the chance to bestow upon myself a title by which to refere to my own personal self as. That was ages ago, though, almost three or four weeks now. Luckily for me personally, Verdigris happened to have noticed the rather unusually large amounts of arcane energy that was used in both my creation, and the death of my former master. Truely a sad event that was, to have such a noble and fierce swordsman as myself cast about into the world with nothing to aid me but my magnificent intellect, and blindingly fast swords. Truely, Verdigris is a most heroic man to take such a handsome rake as myself in to his own care... I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
Wow...that certainly was...something. Do I know anything about this Verdigris (knowledge arcana +10)? A created being eh? interesting...
Laidan, you remember reading several mentions of an indiviual named Verdigris The Red when you were researching the history of Bane Havel. He was involved in undermining many of the Havel Empire's war efforts. He was considered something of a maverick up-and-coming young spell weaver during that time period, but you haven't heard or read about anything he might have done after that.
Well, this Verdigris seems like he would be a good person for me to meet, so I will inquire as to if the master of the in, and if we may meet him.
Twitching and fidgiting often, he, (it,) answers with breakneck speed.

But of course! Didn't I mention that particular fact already? Yes he is most assuredly residing at his place of residence, which as you no doubt know by now, is this particular establishment located at this location. I was mandated by him all of ten whole minutes ago to wait for you to wake and escort your individual selves back to his particular sitting room to meet with him. I was waiting so long I was begining to feel compelled to assume you had slipped into a coma, or had expired from starvation in your sleep, and were never going to awaken, thus not allowing me to complete my appointed task, which would've been most absolutly dreadful. It would've bothered me for simply ages.
You are centainly long winded about things aren't you? By all means, let us go.
With that, he begins walking towards the marble building as he continues to talk.

Long-winded? I'm absolutly sure I have no understanding of what it is that you are implying about the manor of my speech, sir!

You notice a chipmunk running across the top of the wall, answering whatever call drives chipmunks to do chipmunk things. The enigmatic fop walks on, shoulders slumped, mumbling to himself.

Long-winded indeed, I never.The indignity of it. Verily, everyone is always mean to me. I just wanted to make friends...
On the way in I will attemt to smooth his ruffled feathers, so to speak. In the nicest way possible I will strike up a conversation about his claim as a great swordsman, and I also want to keep an eye on that chipmunk if possible. Never have trusted the little buggers.
Dissregarding the man entirely, (if possible), I am going to fly up to above the wall and see what there is to see.
After a somewhat woozy start from having just woken up, Ayeil flits upward to get a better view of the surroundings.

One square is ten feet. The X marks the location of the spot you first found yourself. The flamboyent gentleman is stand to the left of that.

Beyond the wall, it would appear that nothing is visible other then the blueness of the sky. The land seems to shortly end just past the stone wall, and no ground of any kind can be seen beyond it. Inside the wall, in addition to the main building, you see an outbuilding of some kind, a newly planted grove of some manor of fruit trees, and other trapping of an isolated estate such as a hay-stack and a well.
Flying back down ans standing on Laiden's sholder, waiting to see what he says.
As the two of them are talking, I want to detect evil on this guy. Probably with a slightly contemptuous look on my face.
You do not detect any evil on this individual, or in the surrounding area to the range of your ability.