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The Bridge

To summarize: while searching for the City of Bruises, Laidan, Ayeil, and Varyar climbed out of the foul-smelling cavern they had teleported into to find a dreary, fog-covered rocky landscape. After encountering one of the fabled ferrymen of the river Styx, and choosing to go their own way, they find themselves at the top of a waterfall, which doesn't seem to have a bottom within sight or hearing. Across the water Ayeil has seen signs of a bridge leading somewhere further up the river bank. Ayeil heads of to the other end of the bridge to investigate.

After flying through the dense fog and follow the path of the bridge, Ayeil comes to a pair of stone pillars flanking the bridges near-end. Blocking access to the bridge, standing between the pillars in a wiry, emaciated demon with grey, greasy looking skin. It's a bit taller then Laiden, and it has four arms, with each of its right arms holding a recurved longbow. It's facing away from the bridge, and doesn't seem to notice Ayeil. It scratches its back-side and stares vacantly off into space, looking bored.
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