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The Story So Far.

To summerize what's been happening to date:
A group of established adventurers was comissioned to find a sword which contained the soul of an evil demi-god known as Bane Havel, so that it could be distroyed. After much work and effort, they recovered the powerful artifact from it's resting place, only to discover that the person who comissioned them was in fact in league with Bane, and through them his soul was returned to the world. The council of gods, who were none to pleased with this turn of events, enlisted half of the group to fight Bane's followers on the Material Plane, while two of the remaining group, Laidan and Ayeil, were given the difficult task of finding Bane's lair on the Infinite Abyss. The final member was sent to ferret out one of Bane's spies hiding on the plane of Bytopia.

In order that Laidan and Ayeil might have some slim chance of success, the were entrusted in the care of an ancient archwizard known as Verdigris, who's job was to train them and coordinate their search. He was to do this from his library, which sits in a 'pocket universe' Verdigris created as protection from his enemies. Working with Verdigris' assistant Varyar, the adventureres where put through an intensive two week 'boot camp' in which they learned much about the Abyss and it's inhabitants.

Finally, from a portal room deep beneath his library, Verdigris teleported the pair, along with Varyar, to the Abyss. After a brief detour, they found themselves in a dank unlit cave. Using a magic source of light, which Laidan purchased lawfully in a town somewhere, the cave is revealed as being part of a larger cavern. Scouting ahead, Laidan discovers a cramped tunnel leading to the outside, and has just returned to thr group with that information, and the recommendation that Ayeil look for traps, and then investigate the tunnel further.
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I will head up to the opening and poke around a little. I guess seaching for traps and such. I want to be as careful as possible not to touch the walls. If nothing jumps out at me, (literally or visualy), I'll continue up the way. If I could have the touch, that would be nice. I'll carry rope if either of you happen to have some. I have none on my equipment list. Heavy stuff to carry for a pixie.
I have 50 ft of silk rope(the standard stuff in the phb). I'll give it to Ayiel.
You take the rope from Varyar, and fly towards the tunnel. You do not find any traps, or any indication that intelligent life has been here recently, even with the aid of the torch.

Although the cavern is spacious enough, the tunnel portion of it is too narrow and drafty for you to easily fly through without touching the walls. As you approach the tunnel, you can see a patch of storm cloud covered sky, dark enough to give the impression it is just after dusk or just before dawn. The draft is cooler then the cavern, but only barely, but better yet, it doesn't stink. Are you going to try and fly up the tunnel without touching the walls anyway, or would you like to try something else?
I want to take my little finger on my left hand and poke the wall. If it dose not feel caustic or alive, I won't worry about touching the sides. if it dose, well, then you need to go into that a little more. if all is will, up and out.
One thing, do my companions have any idea how to get up if I don't have anything to tie the rope too? Plan b of sorts?
Also, assuming i do get through the tunnel, whether is dose anything or not, I am defintly invisible.
I will ask to make sure that the hole is big enough for us as well if it is questionable. If there is nothing to tie the rope to, just hold on tight to it, and hopefully i will not need it on my way up.
The walls do not feel caustic. They are, if anything, a bit greasier then you would've expected, but nothing that couldn't be explained by the atmosphere of the cavern. The tunnel appears big enough, if just barely, for Varyar and Laidan to fit through.

The sight of the rope climbing up the tunnel by itself is almost comical in a strange way. Taking short hops, aided by her wings, she quickly makes her way up. In short order the invisible pixie reaches the tope of the tunnel unscathed...

The night is much cooler then you would've guessed, Ayeil. I surreal vista welcomes you to the surface. Fog banks roll across a sparse, twisted landscape. In spite of the moisture, only a small handfull of stunted trees and scrubs populate the rocky red desert that undulates off into a blurry horizon. In the distance, you can see what appears to be a wide, clear river winding its way away from you, heading towards your left. The sky is a dark and dingy grey, tinted with red, like the end of a sunset. You can just barely see a bird off in the distance, which is especially noticable because there are no other signs of wildlife anywhere in the area.

The cavern you crawled from is set at the base of something that is less a mountain and more a haphazard pile of boulders and sand which forms countless nooks and crannies, any one of which could hide another cavern entrance. There is a small, stunted tree near the entrance you came out of that might, with luck, be able to support a rope and Laidan's or Varyar's weight.
Alright then, I am going to do my best to secure the rope the the tree. While I have never really focused on the use of ropes, we will hape I can come up with a knot the holds.
Carefully, you tie the rope to the tree. You give it a solid tug, and it seems to hold. You throw it down the tunnel with a twist that causes it to uncoil, and the the end of it lands at the bottom.
I will suggest that varyar go up first, so that I might be able to catch him should the rope break and he he is lighter, and can help hold the rope at the top for me.
A good idea, I'll start climbing then. If the rope gives, and the hole is high enough that I'd hurt myself I'll cast feather fall.
Using the rope, you make short work out of the climb. When you reach the top, you grab the rope at the top end and brace yourself against the edge of the cave mouth quite securely.
I will wait for his signal that he is at the top, then carefully climb up.
In spite of the cramped conditions, it proves easy enough with the aid of the rope. The wind picks up as you scramble out of the tunnel into the bleak outside to join your companions.
I'll free my rope, coil it up, and replace it in my pack. Then I suppose we ought to start following the river, unless anyone can think of something else.
I agree, though i would like to check out the surroundings a little more thoroughly...especially that that really a bird, or is it something much bigger farther away?
I want to take a quick look up and around the pile of rocks we just climbed out of. Flying search of our general area. Do i see anything different or noteworthy?
"Is that really a bird?" Yes, as far as you can tell, it's a bird, although it seems like it must be pretty big, so perhaps it's a vulture.

"Do I see anything different or noteworthy?" A couple of things: It looks as if there were a recent rock-slide here, over to the right of where you came out of the mountain. A ledge up above a pile of rocks seems far too clean and jagged to have been here very long in this wind. Secondly, to the left of the cave-mouth, there's a large tree that you couldn't see from your previous position. It's bearing some kind of berry-sized orange citrus fruit. It looks like there is a corpse laying on the ground at its roots. It's noticably decayed, but it looks more humanoid then demonic.
Investigate,(the body that is) useing every percaution known to ayeil. Seeking to note personal information, (nationality, class etc.) and potential cause of death, also, being me as I am, seaching the body for anything interesting.
So is this something we can see too, or did she just fly off and disappear?
I lost my internet connection for a few days, I didn't just flake out when things started to get interesting =)

No, this is not something you can see from your current angle. I would assume she's invisible, since that's been her prefered method of investigating things. It sounds like she just flew off somewhere, and I don't think you have any way of judging where that might be. I will give her a chance to clearify, however.
I guess she's invisible, then.

The body is of a male. He is wearing a tattered loin-cloth and nothing else. The odor is not by any means pleasant, but it is tolerable in compareson to the caves. He's gaunt to the point of emaciation, deeply sunburned, and he has a crude, blurry tattoo of a barbed sword across his right cheek. You can clearly see this because his head is turned to one side as he lies sprawled across the ground. His back is crisscrossed with many bloody gashes, now turned black with dryness. Guessing by his build, as most of his face is too mangled to determine anything, he was most likely a human, or at least a half-human. You also notice that he has gashes encircling his ankles and wrists.
Since I'm not the one with knowledge of such things, I want to get the guys and see if they know any meaning of the tatoo.
Okay, then 'guys', what say you?
Barbed sword.. hmm my guess would be some kind of abyssal cult:P I'll make a abyss knowledge check, worth a shot.
Huh. Well, yeah, it could be a cult of some kind. Presumably not one that takes very good care of its members... Good try, but no, you don't really know what the tattoo means. It's a barbed sword and you are headed towards a city that's sole purpose it the manufacture of weapons. That may or may not be a coincidence.

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