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A Flash of light.

Varyar begins reading the scroll. As he does, the image of the massive creature pummeling the unseen thoqqua suddenly vanishes with a bright flash of light...

With an undignified Pop you fall a couple of feet onto the jagged rocks below. A stench so astonishingly foul it overwhelms you fills your nostrals. There is absolutly no light in this place, and no air moves -except perhaps that caused by the wings of the many, many buzzing insects currently violating your personal space. Thanks to the oppressive humidity, the heat feels even hotter then the first layer. The ground is uneven and composed of loose, jagged stones and pebbles, making a slight crunching noise as you shift your weight.

Laidan, (thanks to your darkvision,) you see that you are in a large cavern with walls about thirty feet from you on either side. In one direction, the cave seems to open up into a larger space about 60' from where you landed. In the other, there is a sharp incline leading up, and the cave narrows to a few feet wide. The walls of this cavern are slick with moisture, and scattered here and there are patches of some kind of knobby fungus or lichen that ooze opaque sap in streaks down the walls. Perhaps these are the cause of the aweful stench?
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