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Transition to action

Verdigris fills your time with discussions and readings on the minds of demons, devils, and other creatures you'd never before heard of. Much of the days are spent immersed in learning the language of the abyss which fundamentally unpleasant sounding tongue. Even the unnamed mechanical creature is expected to read and participate in the discussions Verdigris frequently arranges, much to everyone's irritation. Verdigris, in spite of his clipped manor, reveals an underlying kindness underscored by an oddly silly sense of humor. To interupt the monotony of the highly focused classes, the old wizard encourages you to keep physically active through a number of strange, game-like activities. Ranging from climbing the walls of the library as slowly as you can (the nimblewright losses patience and drops out, leaving Laiden the winner by a few minutes,) to blindfolded archery contests (Ayiel is an often winner,) to simple mock combat in a variety of settings, these excercises usually come at the end of the day, just before a soak in the cozy wooden gnomish baths and a filling meal. Time seems to loose much of its normal flow in such strange conditions, but a full week passes of this activity.

How do you react to these strange activities? How do you feel about the hard work?
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This is the kind of thing laidan really enjoys-a combination of practicing things he is good at while learning new ones, he is having a ball. This is what he was hoping for at the monastary, but they moved to slowly, lousy boring guys...
Ayeil is as always most interested in learning new lingo. Happy to study even harsh and dark words. She is a little impatient with some of the practice, but not so as she will be difficult about it.
As the second week passes, you begin to feel more confident in your understanding of the nature of the Abyss. Many of the books you've been reading are beastiaries describing the appearances and abilities of hundreds and hundreds of different types of demons. Most of the books Verdigris cites as reliable are in the demon tongue itself, and this provides much practice in the newly learned language.

5,000 experience. If this allows you to level, (and I don't think it does, but the experience point totals are a little fuzzy on some of the sheets I have,) please place several of your skill ranks in your choice of the following:

Knowledge (Planes)
Knowledge (local, Abyss)
Language (Abyssal)

I know it's not nice to limit your choices, so to make it up to you, consider them class skills. (What did the masochist say about the restaurant? "The food was terrible, and the portions were so small!") If this isn't enough to level you, borrow four skill points from your next level to put into these skills. (Varyar, borrow two points.) Let me know what your choices are, either in email, or in response to this. Or, of course, if you have any questions, natch.

On the last day before the deadline, Verdigris makes an announcment:
"Tomorrow, you will leave this place for the Abyss. I believe I have found a suitable place to send you. It is in the mountains outside of the City of Bruises. There is a small tributary of the river Styx running nearby. Although this tributary ends in a waterfall leading elsewhere before it reaches the city, If you follow it, it will lead you in the right direction. Know that this is an evil place, and it will work to infest your minds and turn you to its vile desires. If you resist it, as you must, The Abyss will assail you with doubt, even as its forces assail your bodies. Hold firm, for there in lies your greatest chance for survival. I advise you to spend the rest of the day in preparation, but rest well tonight, for the chance to sleep in comfort will soon be denied. Do not be stupid. If you find Bane Havel's location, contact me through this:" He holds up a small, roughly carved wooden statue of a gnome holding a brace of rabbits. "Although I'm sceptical as to your chances of success, I wish to give you the best chance I can to come back alive. To that end, I'm sending my assistant Varyar along with you. It was my original intention to send the Nimblewright along as well, but urgent business has come up, and it is needed to perform that, first. Once that is out of the way, perhaps it will be able to join you, if I can figure out some way of teleporting it to the City without detection. Now, I will leave you to your business, take care, I will wake you in the morning."

8/12 leveled rogue pixie,XP 67783
changes are
know abyss 2 ranks 3 mod 5 total
know planes 2 ranks 3 mod 5 total
concentration, added 2ranks to 2ranks, 1mod 5total
languege abyssal
Attack up to 6/1 5/0 melee and 16/10 base
ability increase in int. up from 16 to 17
refelx save up to 6 (something was wrong on my notes, think I have it straight now. Total reflex save 18 now)
HP up by two to a grand total of 34
Think thats the lot of it. My chart is pretty confused, going to try to get a new sheet and clean it up a bit. I'll send you that when I get to it. If you find anything wrong or have any questions, let me know.
The gentle wind is blowing through the trees. A sound interupts your sleep. The soft tapping on you door from one of the servants indicates it's time to rise. Verdigris and the smell of breakfast greet you all as you enter the dining room. Verdigris seems as quiet as you've ever seen him, and his few comments over breakfast seem almost light-hearted. It becomes appearant that he is trying to make your meal a peaceful one, in spite of the stress that looms over your heads. All to soon, the meal is over and Verdigris is rising from the table. He leads you down a hallway and through a door you've never seen open before. Winding down a narrow set of stairs, the hallway eventualy squeezes you into a small, candle-lit round room. The light from the candles bounces and flickers around the room with unerving enthusiasm, but the most prominant aspect of this space is the floor. It is so shiny, it must be either silver or magic, and the light reflecting off of it only adds to the eeriness.

"This is the portal room. From here, you can go to just about any plane in the universe, but there are still limits. From here I can send you to the first layer of the Abyss. Although it would be very unwise of me to go with you, even for a moment, I have prepared a scroll that will take you to the place you need to be, once you are at the Abyss." He hands the scroll to Varyar. "Please, stand in the middle of the room."

As you stand in the room, Verdigris begins mumbling something as he waves his hands with awe-inspiring grace and precision in inscrutable arcane patterns. The reflection on the ground begins to warp and tremble, much like still water near a battleground. Suddently, your reflections begin walking away, towards the reflected hallway that led you here. The jittery feeling permiates you mind, as things begin to shift and dance at the edges of you vision. Soon, you too are walking towards the door, but your reflections are still standing in the middle of the room. Didn't they leave already? Verdigris? When did move over to the other side of the mirror? As the pulsing, twitching reflection eclipses the last of your sight in unfocused chaos you see your reflection standing before you.
As you see yourselves in perfect opposition, every flaw, every scar, every secret becomes crystal clear in total uninterupted silence. Equalibrium returns. Somehow, you are on the other side of the mirror. The left hand that you knew is now moving and responding as the right hand used to. In front of you, the doorway is wide open, and there's no where else to go. Beyond is the Abyss.

Thus ends the prologue. From this point out, things are going to be a lot less linear, and a lot more interactive. I'm going to hold back on the assumptions about what you guys are going to do. It's up to you. Enjoy!
I stick the scroll in my bag and say, "shall we?" and start toward the door.
I shiver a little, "after you" which leads to to wonder, with all our preparation, we do have an idea of where to head right?
Other then Verdigris' comment about following the river Styx, you don't have any idea what to expect. One thing you've learned well is that the Abyss is a place of infinite variety and chaos, so a map is unreliable, at best.

Please see the newest post for more info.
That's why I'm here, I've got no complaints.

If it takes me awhile to respond it's because livejournal has been pissing off IE lately for some reason
I use IE, and have been untroubled. LJ recently changed the default skin, which my be the problem. Are you using a recentish version of IE? It's also possible to change skins Here. But of course, this page uses the new skin, too, just to be difficult. Anyway...

Because LJ can be set up to send replies in a thread to the email adresses of everyone who's posted to said thread, ('said thread' hehe,) I will always try and respond to the longer thread, so as for the game, see above.
After being on the site for a brief amount of time IE would start thinking I had no net connection... but whatever the problem was I think it's gotten over it now.