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The Blood War

His dining room is mostly disappointing in comparison to the library. The only thing offsetting the unremarkable decor of this cramped room is the pleasant smells drifting off of the plates set at the table. As you seat yourselves at your chairs (or, in Ayeil's case, stand on the chair,) Verdigris begins pouring wine from a decanter into each of your glasses. The food is obviously Gnomish fare, with many heavely seasoned earth vegetables. It might be wise to assume those things that look like mealworms are grated potatoes. Without further fanfar, Verdigris begins eating.

"The City of Bruises," Verdigris explains between bites of food, "is a colony of mortals allowed to live in the Abyss because of a singularly important purpose they serve the loosely organized demons. Demons and devils are two distinct groups of species, and they constantly war across the plains of existence. The demons do not often have the instinct of cooperation enough to be able to manufacture quality weapons for this war. The City of Bruises is essentially a weapons factory. The profits to be made are fantastic, so many craftsman have set up shop there, but even if they're motives are strictly greed at first, the evil of the Abyss has a way of warping them into blood-thirsty scions of destruction. Since slave labor is used to make mundane weapons, the city's free population is almost exclusively used to make magical weapons and other magic items of use in the Blood War.

"The City is located on an isolated island made of bone-dust floating in a sea of mist. Demons still rule the city, even if they tolerate the presence of other beings. I will not be able to send you to the city itself, as the portals are guarded against devil spies, and any other entry would attract attention from the demons. You will have to make your way to the city from elsewhere in the Abyss, but I will get you as close as I can. Since we do not know the reason for the priest's visit, I can offer few specifics that will be of help."
He lifts a crystal goblet to his mouth and drinks deeply. After wiping his bearded chin on the napkin he continues with his lecture. "The City is ruled by a self proclaimed Queen of Bruises. Very little is available about her, but rumors have it she's insane. Since demons don't understand such concepts as sanity, I believe she is not a native to the Abyss. Perhaps the priest is there to meet with her, as Havel has few allies among demon-kind. Or," he says with exaspirated sarcasm, "perhaps he's there to visit his uncle the pig-farmer, we don't really have any way of knowing until you find out personally."

"Now," he says, as he pushes his half finished plate away, "If you will follow me back to the library, I have some books I think you should read."
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