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Enter Verdigris (and Varyar)

Approaching the large doors to the library, the strange gentlething perk up a bit at Laidan's attempt to appease it concerning Ayiel's bruskness.
Why yes, I am a magnificent swordsman, allow me to demonstrate!
With that, a springy rapier leaps out of its right arm into its hand, and it whips the flat of the blade into Laidan's chest. Laidan's natural skill at rolling with a blow, even when surprised, serves him well, and the blow leaves only shock where a lesser man would've been winded entirely. But, unexpectedly, a second, similar sword springs into the creatures left arm, and it slams the pommle into his left leg, just below the knee. Slightly winded from the first one, the second blow catches Laidan off guard, and he topples backwards to the ground with dusty thud. With that, the odd machine bows with a flourish, and its swords retract back into its arms. Ignoring the monk, he turns towards the door and begins to open it.
Verily, I am capable of letting my actions speak for me.

What do you guys think, how much do we want to get into game mechanics? for now, further explaination is warranted, I suppose. The creature, known as a Nimblewright, and it has some of the strangest combat statistics I've yet come across. (Yes, it is WOC, by the way.) Its critical threat range is 12-20. Yup, that's right. with a successful critical hit, it trips its opponents pending a reflex save, for which Laidan rolled a 2. Ouch. It's not normaly quite so impressive, certainly not against a prepared opponent.
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