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Sunday, August 26th, 2007
11:52 pm - The Bridge

To summarize: while searching for the City of Bruises, Laidan, Ayeil, and Varyar climbed out of the foul-smelling cavern they had teleported into to find a dreary, fog-covered rocky landscape. After encountering one of the fabled ferrymen of the river Styx, and choosing to go their own way, they find themselves at the top of a waterfall, which doesn't seem to have a bottom within sight or hearing. Across the water Ayeil has seen signs of a bridge leading somewhere further up the river bank. Ayeil heads of to the other end of the bridge to investigate.

After flying through the dense fog and follow the path of the bridge, Ayeil comes to a pair of stone pillars flanking the bridges near-end. Blocking access to the bridge, standing between the pillars in a wiry, emaciated demon with grey, greasy looking skin. It's a bit taller then Laiden, and it has four arms, with each of its right arms holding a recurved longbow. It's facing away from the bridge, and doesn't seem to notice Ayeil. It scratches its back-side and stares vacantly off into space, looking bored.

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Monday, March 22nd, 2004
10:52 pm

After rejecting the offer of the ferryman, the group continues on their way towards the City of Bruises.

The swirling fog thickens as you work your way along the riverbank. Soon it becomes thick enough to slow your progress significantly. Several times you are forced to double back and find a new path, as the erratic landscape creates many false paths and dead-end pockets. The ferryman is still occasionally visible polling his way along the river, parallel to your path.

Ayeil, (and only Ayeil,) hears the faint, constant white noise ahead that indicates that this river leads to a waterfall, just as the ferryman said.

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
8:19 pm - Underneath the kumquat tree.

The fruit's fresh, pleasant scent can be just barely detected mingling with the putrescent stench of the corpse as you pick a hand-full of the small citrus. Your hands do not bubble. If anything, the foul oils on your hands do more damage to the fruit than the other way around. I will leave it to Laidan to describe his status in regards to poison. Oh, and for the record, the corpse's ears are not particularly interesting.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
8:56 pm - The Story So Far.

To summerize what's been happening to date:
A group of established adventurers was comissioned to find a sword which contained the soul of an evil demi-god known as Bane Havel, so that it could be distroyed. After much work and effort, they recovered the powerful artifact from it's resting place, only to discover that the person who comissioned them was in fact in league with Bane, and through them his soul was returned to the world. The council of gods, who were none to pleased with this turn of events, enlisted half of the group to fight Bane's followers on the Material Plane, while two of the remaining group, Laidan and Ayeil, were given the difficult task of finding Bane's lair on the Infinite Abyss. The final member was sent to ferret out one of Bane's spies hiding on the plane of Bytopia.

In order that Laidan and Ayeil might have some slim chance of success, the were entrusted in the care of an ancient archwizard known as Verdigris, who's job was to train them and coordinate their search. He was to do this from his library, which sits in a 'pocket universe' Verdigris created as protection from his enemies. Working with Verdigris' assistant Varyar, the adventureres where put through an intensive two week 'boot camp' in which they learned much about the Abyss and it's inhabitants.

Finally, from a portal room deep beneath his library, Verdigris teleported the pair, along with Varyar, to the Abyss. After a brief detour, they found themselves in a dank unlit cave. Using a magic source of light, which Laidan purchased lawfully in a town somewhere, the cave is revealed as being part of a larger cavern. Scouting ahead, Laidan discovers a cramped tunnel leading to the outside, and has just returned to thr group with that information, and the recommendation that Ayeil look for traps, and then investigate the tunnel further.

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Saturday, December 6th, 2003
2:22 pm - A Flash of light.

Varyar begins reading the scroll. As he does, the image of the massive creature pummeling the unseen thoqqua suddenly vanishes with a bright flash of light...

With an undignified Pop you fall a couple of feet onto the jagged rocks below. A stench so astonishingly foul it overwhelms you fills your nostrals. There is absolutly no light in this place, and no air moves -except perhaps that caused by the wings of the many, many buzzing insects currently violating your personal space. Thanks to the oppressive humidity, the heat feels even hotter then the first layer. The ground is uneven and composed of loose, jagged stones and pebbles, making a slight crunching noise as you shift your weight.

Laidan, (thanks to your darkvision,) you see that you are in a large cavern with walls about thirty feet from you on either side. In one direction, the cave seems to open up into a larger space about 60' from where you landed. In the other, there is a sharp incline leading up, and the cave narrows to a few feet wide. The walls of this cavern are slick with moisture, and scattered here and there are patches of some kind of knobby fungus or lichen that ooze opaque sap in streaks down the walls. Perhaps these are the cause of the aweful stench?

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Friday, November 21st, 2003
11:26 pm

Once again the party, such as it is, is reunited on the wastelands.
The creature stops in its path and abruptly smashes the ground at its waist, creating palpable waves of heat and force eminating towards you. As it swings its mighty fists against the ground with unnerving speed, it yells in the language of demons,
"Foul vermin! Attack me and die!"
Although it is flailing with great intensity it is not obvious why.

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
8:59 pm - Uh-Oh!

You change the direction you're headed in, while still moving towards the mountains indirectly. After a while of moving, Ayiel flies up to get a better look at the gigantic creature. After a moments inspection, it appears as though the creature has changed direction to move towards you. In other words, although you can't be totally certain, all signs indicate that it's following you.


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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
2:49 pm - The Bitter Wind of Desolation

The strange disorientation of the mirror realm passes as you step across the threshold of the door. As you set foot on the other side, each of you in turn squints from the bright light as a hot wind blasts across your faces.
The sky is scorched by a pin-prick sun blazing unmercifully down on everything around you. The smell of this place reminds you of nothing so much as moths that have flown to close to a candle. The ground is glassy smooth, covered in a fine grit that makes it even more tretcherious than it otherwise would be. The flat horizon is uninterupted in all directions save one. Far in the distance, a mountain range looms, cruely mimicing a hand bursting forth from a sandy grave. A steady wind from the opposite direction kicks dust into your faces.
The only other landmark is a twenty foot diameter hole a couple hundred feet in the distance. The stone lined pit is issueing a miasma of dark smoke, lit by an arythmically pulsing purple light. Subsonic vibrations bounce around inside of you, creating the uneasy impression that something very large is headed this way.

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
12:11 am - Transition to action

Verdigris fills your time with discussions and readings on the minds of demons, devils, and other creatures you'd never before heard of. Much of the days are spent immersed in learning the language of the abyss which fundamentally unpleasant sounding tongue. Even the unnamed mechanical creature is expected to read and participate in the discussions Verdigris frequently arranges, much to everyone's irritation. Verdigris, in spite of his clipped manor, reveals an underlying kindness underscored by an oddly silly sense of humor. To interupt the monotony of the highly focused classes, the old wizard encourages you to keep physically active through a number of strange, game-like activities. Ranging from climbing the walls of the library as slowly as you can (the nimblewright losses patience and drops out, leaving Laiden the winner by a few minutes,) to blindfolded archery contests (Ayiel is an often winner,) to simple mock combat in a variety of settings, these excercises usually come at the end of the day, just before a soak in the cozy wooden gnomish baths and a filling meal. Time seems to loose much of its normal flow in such strange conditions, but a full week passes of this activity.

How do you react to these strange activities? How do you feel about the hard work?

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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
9:29 pm - The Blood War

His dining room is mostly disappointing in comparison to the library. The only thing offsetting the unremarkable decor of this cramped room is the pleasant smells drifting off of the plates set at the table. As you seat yourselves at your chairs (or, in Ayeil's case, stand on the chair,) Verdigris begins pouring wine from a decanter into each of your glasses. The food is obviously Gnomish fare, with many heavely seasoned earth vegetables. It might be wise to assume those things that look like mealworms are grated potatoes. Without further fanfar, Verdigris begins eating.

"The City of Bruises," Verdigris explains between bites of food, "is a colony of mortals allowed to live in the Abyss because of a singularly important purpose they serve the loosely organized demons. Demons and devils are two distinct groups of species, and they constantly war across the plains of existence. The demons do not often have the instinct of cooperation enough to be able to manufacture quality weapons for this war. The City of Bruises is essentially a weapons factory. The profits to be made are fantastic, so many craftsman have set up shop there, but even if they're motives are strictly greed at first, the evil of the Abyss has a way of warping them into blood-thirsty scions of destruction. Since slave labor is used to make mundane weapons, the city's free population is almost exclusively used to make magical weapons and other magic items of use in the Blood War.

"The City is located on an isolated island made of bone-dust floating in a sea of mist. Demons still rule the city, even if they tolerate the presence of other beings. I will not be able to send you to the city itself, as the portals are guarded against devil spies, and any other entry would attract attention from the demons. You will have to make your way to the city from elsewhere in the Abyss, but I will get you as close as I can. Since we do not know the reason for the priest's visit, I can offer few specifics that will be of help."
He lifts a crystal goblet to his mouth and drinks deeply. After wiping his bearded chin on the napkin he continues with his lecture. "The City is ruled by a self proclaimed Queen of Bruises. Very little is available about her, but rumors have it she's insane. Since demons don't understand such concepts as sanity, I believe she is not a native to the Abyss. Perhaps the priest is there to meet with her, as Havel has few allies among demon-kind. Or," he says with exaspirated sarcasm, "perhaps he's there to visit his uncle the pig-farmer, we don't really have any way of knowing until you find out personally."

"Now," he says, as he pushes his half finished plate away, "If you will follow me back to the library, I have some books I think you should read."

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
12:55 am - Enter Verdigris (and Varyar)

Approaching the large doors to the library, the strange gentlething perk up a bit at Laidan's attempt to appease it concerning Ayiel's bruskness.
Why yes, I am a magnificent swordsman, allow me to demonstrate!
With that, a springy rapier leaps out of its right arm into its hand, and it whips the flat of the blade into Laidan's chest. Laidan's natural skill at rolling with a blow, even when surprised, serves him well, and the blow leaves only shock where a lesser man would've been winded entirely. But, unexpectedly, a second, similar sword springs into the creatures left arm, and it slams the pommle into his left leg, just below the knee. Slightly winded from the first one, the second blow catches Laidan off guard, and he topples backwards to the ground with dusty thud. With that, the odd machine bows with a flourish, and its swords retract back into its arms. Ignoring the monk, he turns towards the door and begins to open it.
Verily, I am capable of letting my actions speak for me.

What do you guys think, how much do we want to get into game mechanics? for now, further explaination is warranted, I suppose. The creature, known as a Nimblewright, and it has some of the strangest combat statistics I've yet come across. (Yes, it is WOC, by the way.) Its critical threat range is 12-20. Yup, that's right. with a successful critical hit, it trips its opponents pending a reflex save, for which Laidan rolled a 2. Ouch. It's not normaly quite so impressive, certainly not against a prepared opponent.

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
10:56 pm - Welcome to Verdigris' Library.

Well, well, well, Laidan and Ayeil... Whatever you were expecting from the Abyss, this is not it. A beautiful blue sky with rolling white clouds fills your vision, as you awaken laying on a grass lawn in the shade of a small elm tree. A large white marble building with a golden dome shines above you from the top of a nearby hill. Surrounding all is stone wall of about 10 feet tall. It's about fourty feet from you, and leaves plenty of spacious lawn to complete the peaceful atmosphere. There is a flamboyently dressed gentleman standing ten feet from you. He's tapping his foot rapidly, and he looks as if he might be waiting for you to rise.

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
10:20 pm - The Obligitory First Post.

First Post Haiku:
Testing one two three,
There, can you see this alright?
Not much more to say.

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